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—  Local Food makes every wedding Perfect  —

We love Weddings. Every aspect from the very first email to that last hug goodbye makes weddings our favorite part of Catering Life. Over our 24 years, we’ve developed long-lasting relationships with so many brides and grooms; we still keep in touch with them and their families. As you may have read, we do things a bit differently. The entire reason that we decided to get rid of all our menus and pricing packages, was to more accurately give our brides and grooms the experience they’d always dreamed of…for the budget they’ve worked for. Not every couple can spend a life’s fortune on their big day, so we’ve developed a way to give every couple a completely customized experience that fulfills their dreams without emptying their wallet.

One of the most incredible things about Columbia, MO and Central Missouri is our dedication to our communities and local economies. More and more brides and grooms are seeing the benefit in keeping their Weddings local. For every single event, we strive to source our products from local farms and families within 50 miles of our town. This allows us to keep our buying dollars in our own community, boosting our own economy. Not only does this provide our clients with the absolute highest quality food, but it allows our farmers and friends to continue to grow and produce even more incredible product for us to bring to you.

Contrary to popular belief, shopping locally is NOT more expensive, especially when you have a caterer that determines your budget BEFORE you plan your menu.

This means you get the experience you’ve dreamed of, for the budget you’ve worked for, all while supporting local businesses and families!

Contact Us and let us know what you’ve been dreaming about for your biggest of days, and we’ll be there for that last hug goodbye…

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at our Gallery and check out the Venues that we love working with the most. We’ll be happy to set up tours for any and all of them that excite you. Each Venue on our list has extensive experience in hosting the biggest of days, and all of them are operated by people that we know and love.


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