Why Taste Matters.


I took these pictures today. I took them mostly for personal use; I like to give memories a face. Today though, I realized that these pictures perfectly depict what it is that Peachtree stands for.

This is "Ali's Meatloaf." In a way, it's always had this name, but most recently it has been coined by our friends the residents of the Village of Bedford Walk. I have personally cooked almost every single meal for our friends over the last year, and still, this meatloaf is their favorite dish. I've been eating it my entire life, so I know exactly how good it is, but today I understood why.

It's fun to watch my dad make meatloaf. He doesn't just brutishly slap ingredients together, it's an art. First, he pulls the meat out of the cooler, knowing that this finely minced meat will become more and more workable as its fat warms. He then begins the preparation of its ingredients. Again, the ingredients aren't just hacked and dumped, they're carefully cut, seasoned, and slowly charred, bringing an underlying level of smoke to his famous loaf. No measurements are made, yet every time the result is the same; I'm always jealous of his effortless consistency. Salt and pepper are sprinkled with seasoned precision. Eyeballed egg and breadcrumb are mixed in ratios delivering perfect texture. Oven temperatures are tested with a bare hand thats been calibrated over more than 40 years of experience; cook times are announced from an internal timer that rivals any modern technology. Again, Ali's Meatloaf lives up to its reputation.

I'm sure you're dealing with similar emotions to those that I experienced today. What makes his meatloaf so special? Why is such a simple country dish so important to the mantra of our business? The answer is this: Taste Matters. My father's meatloaf is so good, because his goal is not just a meatloaf. He doesn't begin his process by searching a pictorial database for meatloafs, eager for the perfect illustration of everything a meatloaf is supposed to be. His end goal isn't to then make the most accurate representation of this super-model-loaf of minced flesh. His goal, is to make something so delicious, that when his patrons cut through its moist and delicate structure, placing his masterpiece into their mouth and tasting the deliberately layered flavors that they feel the love and passion that placed it before them. You see, Taste is paramount. In an industry where Taste becomes secondary to aesthetic, where filters and hashtags precede palates, and where presentation has become a competition to see who can make food look the least like...well...food, we stand resolute. 

Our clients expect Taste. Our clients rely on us to give them a quality product, at an ethical price, that reminds them of their "Ali's Meatloaf" moment. We may not deliver our Surf and Turf on an actual surf board, and we may not give them fresh seafood hanging from wall-mounted fisherman's poles, but what we do give them is an inimitable Taste experience. Simple, and elegant decor, with a child-like reminiscence of food first-loves. Our aesthetic is unique, and our palates are insatiable. We are constantly in search of that happy bite.

A caterer, by definition, is someone who provides food and/or beverage for an event. Summary: you wouldn't choose a mechanic based on the dramatic way they danced from one wheel to the next during your tire rotation, you'd choose the mechanic that gives you the best tire rotation at the most reasonable price.

So, the next time you're looking for a caterer to provide food or beverage for your event, make Taste paramount. Give them the experience that reminds them why they fell in love with food in the first place. Show them that Taste Matters.    

(P.S..Contact us if you love Meatloaf..we might just give you his recipe..)